Monday, August 6, 2007

BSF as Food for Home-Raised Chickens

Did you know that a healthy hen fed a balanced diet can lay fresh, wholesome eggs for up to 18 years? It is rewarding and a lot of fun to have a small hobby farm in the backyard. A home-made movable coop that confines and shelters your small flock is easy to build and takes up a lot less space than you may realize. Chickens love to scratch the dirt endlessly looking for tasty grubs and other insects. A few handfuls a day of BSF pupae scattered throughout the garden will provide hours of enjoyment for your friends and family. There is a multitude of excellent poultry rearing websites online that will give advice on coop construction and care. Please research the topic thoroughly before you begin. Just keep in mind that the structure should be well ventilated, have a built-in shaded area and provide a minimum of 3 square feet of space per bird. A constant supply of fresh water fortified with vitamins and probiotics, along with a balanced diet that includes BSF will help to product a happy, healthy, egg-laying flock. Please consult your local ordinances as they pertain to residential restrictions on bird rearing and poultry.

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You've got a great blog about black solder flies, and you are right, chickens sure do love them. I posted about them here: